This is a brief selection of songs where I have participated.

Budapest in Spanish by Mariela Contreras

GrooBop - Very Bari

Jarabe Mexicano - Cumbia del Sol


Oskar is a San Diego-based musician who began his musical development as an autodidact while growing up in Mexico. These early experiences have now turned into a passion for performing and teaching others. After learning how to play guitar by 8 years old, Oskar's acute sense of hearing as well as his ability to distinguish various musical elements led him to pursue a career in music.

During his early years in the music business, Oskar performed in diverse settings with ensembles that played pop, rock, punk, ska and blues music. Touring internationally with said rock ensembles led to sharing the stage with bands like Molotov and Infected Mushroom. Oskar also collaborated in numerous recording studios as a session musician, represented the Baja California region in musical collaborations affiliated with CECUT, and completed projects in association with music production companies. After recording guitar, bass and keyboard work for advertisement jingles, singer-songwriters, and world music ensembles, Oskar decided to enroll in a music degree program and moved to San Diego.

Today, Oskar holds a B.M. in Jazz Studies from San Diego State University. As an active working musician, he continues to participate in several ensembles that perform locally and internationally, which include Finnegan Blue, Con Todo, Obtuse Goose and his own Jazz Trio among others.

Oskar has also enriched his work by becoming involved in local, out-of-state, and international community outreach programs in affiliation with schools, veteran penitentiaries and public programs. His interests now include performance, education, and community outreach.

"While participating in a variety of outreach programs, I learned how I can help younger generations experience how music shapes our lives, and our capacity to learn at a multidisciplinary level, just like it did for myself.".




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